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Where are North American Bear Products Made?
In compliance with US government labeling requirements, North American Bear Company specifies the country of origin on hang tags, packaging and sewn-in-labels on their products. All of their products are designed in their New York City office, the birthplace of every North American Bear product, and made in either Sri Lanka or China. The line also includes a very innovative Make My Own Monster Design Kit bringing children's drawings to life as a custom one-of-a-kind designs handmade in the US.

North American Bear Company has been producing high quality, innovative children's products and soft toys with keepsake charm since 1978. Their products are designed to meet or exceed the current US consumer products safety commission requirements and have passed all the necessary US governmental standard safety regulations for sales within the country. The majority of their products have embroidered facial features and/or stitched/applique'd accents. All North American Bear products have appropriate age warnings and statements that are clearly visible and positioned on the sewn-in-labels, packaging and/or hang tags.

We invite you to visit the widely respected consumer independent toy review organization websites including,, and to see a listing of North American Bear Company award-winning products through the years.

For over 35 years, children of all ages have enjoyed the signature, whimsical charm of North American Bear products.